Foster quality of life - together

Germany is one of the most livable countries in the world, but in important areas it lags behind other countries and behind its own ambitions:

  • 12% of German-speaking adults cannot even read or write simple texts properly.
  • Our CO2 emissions per inhabitant are twice as high as those of Sweden and Switzerland.
  • The life satisfaction of the Germans is clearly behind that of the Finns and Danes.

An important reason for this unsatisfactory situation is a lack of knowledge about the complex requirements for a high quality of life. Another is the lack of dialogue and exchange of knowledge at the interfaces of topics, disciplines and interests.

This is where the research institution ZGF (Zentrum für gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt, Center for Societal Progress) comes in. We combine expertise on quality of life with a clear methodology consisting of four closely interlinked elements. The goal of this approach is a sustainable improvement in people's quality of life for genuine societal progress.

  • Open Dialogue

    Diverse perspectives are included in structured discussions about promising futures.

  • Shared Visions

    The results of the dialogues are condensed into shared visions of the future.

  • Suitable Indicators

    Indicators are used to check where there is a particular need for action.

  • Coherent Action

    Based on the first three steps, scarce time and financial resources are used coherently.

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