About Us

Center for Societal Progress (ZGF - Zentrum für gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt e.V.)

The Center for Societal Progress is a research institution that combines content-related competence on quality of life with participatory methodology. We strengthen knowledge about the complex conditions for a high quality of life in countries and cities. And we promote dialogue and the exchange of knowledge at the interfaces of topics, disciplines and interests. In this way, we contribute to a sustainable improvement in people's quality of life, to genuine societal progress.

As a non-profit, registered association with the purpose of promoting "science and research", we make our studies and processes available to the general public free of charge and without the support of public money. The statutes of the association founded in 2008 and the latest activity report provide further information.

The work is financed by membership fees and grants. Our tax number at the tax office Frankfurt am Main V is 047 250 95372. The most recent notice of exemption bears the date 20.03.2020. In the register of associations Frankfurt am Main we are entered on the register sheet VR 14239.

The work of the association is also made possible by a great deal of voluntary commitment on the part of the board, the ideas council and the staff in our processes.